I know this is a blog about faith and history, but sometimes it’s a blog about faith keeping us sane in our graduate school journey.

I have had a particularly labyrinthLargedifficult week with my work (and life, to be honest). I have struggled and wrestled with my work in monumental ways, which has in turn yielded little progress. I have come to hate it, to second guess myself, to question my calling, etc. In the grand scheme of things I suppose it’s just a dissertation, but it’s hard to tell yourself that in the thick of things.

As I biked home from my coffee shop/office for the day on Wednesday, I decided to stop at a neighboring university to walk the labyrinth outside their chapel. Labyrinths have a diverse history and record of uses, but churches have long used labyrinths as meditation tools. They resemble a maze, but there is only one way to walk and that way guarantees coming to the center.

I entered with the word peace on my heart and mind, and meditated on God’s peace and guidance as I slowly followed the winding path. About 3/4 of the way through, I became incredibly frustrated. I could see the exit and felt tempted to just walk out. I could see the center, but could not understand how I was going to get there.

It’s the same with finishing my Ph.D. All I can see some days is a tangled mess that I’m in the middle of. I’ve come to far to just walk out, but the path to the end seems impossible. In the labyrinth, I determined to just walk slowly, to just keep moving, to trust that God would help me to the end. And I made it to the center.

I’m trying to apply that 10 minute experience to my life-to just keep walking, to trust, to put something on the page or go to the library or meet with an adviser even when I don’t want to. The end is in sight. And I’ll get there.

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