Staying Healthy

“Healthy” and “Grad School” may seem mutually exclusive. When school doesn’t consume my life, I’m actually a fitness instructor and buy a weekly share of produce from an organic co-op. But, I can say that my “dissertation diet” was pretty terrible. But even on the days I eat Girl Scout cookies for breakfast and dinner out of the library vending machine, here are some rules I live by:

1) 8 Glasses of Water – Buy a Nalgene with your school’s logo, drink four of them per day, and you’re covered. This makes all the difference, particularly when it comes to thought clarity.

2) Eat an Apple – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It’s true. This little adage helps me make sure I’m at least eating something fresh everyday, and it’s easy to stick in your bag in the morning. Apples also help with digestion and act as a sort of natural toothbrush.

3) Fifteen Minutes of Activity – Sometimes this just means skipping the shuttle and walking from my office to the library, but it’s so necessary to move around and clear your head. Also, you’re a lot more productive if you stop and move around.

How do you stay healthy during crazy times?

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