It Can Be Done

That’s me wearing a tam (puffy hat), proving that one can indeed finish graduate school. I thought this day would never come!

But it did, seven years after starting my doctoral program, I finished.

So if you are tired and frustrated, I’ve been there. I understand. And I understand how elated and grateful you can feel at the end.

Thanking God at this point may seem cliche, but for me Christ’s guidance was a lifeline. If this wasn’t a calling, I would have quit long ago. I am glad I persevered.

The blog is going on hiatus for the summer. In the fall we’re making some exciting changes for the CFH grad students. So come back refreshed and ready for the conference at George Fox!

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2 Comments on “It Can Be Done”

  1. Elissa Says:

    Congratulations! That is awesome! I am encouraged to be reminded that it is possible! 🙂

  2. Patrick Oden Says:


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