If a Blog Falls in the Forest and No One Reads It, Did It Really Fall?

I once had an advisor tell me he completely stopped reading blogs because they were replacing valuable time that he would read other resources, namely those for his research and teaching.  I am not quite sure how I feel about blogs, to be honest, but I now find myself writing one.  So, perhaps the first thing we need to consider is the purpose of the CFH grad student blog.

There are primarily two purposes to this organization.  We exist as a branch of the Conference on Faith and History (CFH), which is comprised of faith-based professional historians all over the world, and we represent the up-and-coming generation of the organization.  Secondly, we exist to help one another through the rigors of graduate school.  Though I have kept my head (divinely assisted, no doubt) above the water through five years of graduate school, I am by no means an expert and require the assistance of colleagues and mentors that CFH can provide.

It is my request, therefore, that we make this blog a collective effort.  Though I will write most of the articles, I would appreciate guest authorship.  These guest articles may come from members, who want to express their thoughts or feelings on something within the profession.  Perchance (to dream) we might even have some faculty CFH members willing to share insights on graduate school as well.  Blog entries can be serious advice, or light-hearted anecdotes.  They do not take long to write, yet can be a bright experience for both writer and reader.

In a final effort at excellent cliché, let me just add that this organization “is what you make it.”  If this blog falls in the forest and no one reads it, we are not working toward either of the goals of the blog.  Please, connect your friends, bookmark the blog, comment and share.  Let us continue to push the growth of the community.

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