What’s New for 2011?

After meeting with the CFH Board in Boston this past weekend, we have a few items of emphasis for 2011.

First of all, we want to CREATE COMMUNITY among the graduate students.  This communication needs to happen in the form of debates and discussions via the blog, the Facebook group, and any other ways WE, the grad students, may want to communicate.   The Board agreed that it would be helpful to have graduate students create ideas and events.  If you  have questions, please contact me at grjones83@gmail.com and I will do my best to answer or pass on the question.

Second, we want to EXPAND MEMBERSHIP. The more of us there are, the easier it will be to create and maintain community.  The purpose of the graduate student group in the CFH is to allow us to work together, sometimes commiserating, sometimes advising, and often discussing the things that matter to us most.

Finally, we should GET INVOLVED.  Not to be too cliche, but the group is “what we make it.”  The CFH Board is and wants to be extremely supportive of us.  They want us to be active in scholarship, pursuing knowledge, and working WITH the qualified experts and mentors in the larger group.  Are you working on a new project?  Do you have questions about course work, comps, teaching, or the job market?  Ask questions.  Share experiences.  Put your ideas out there and we can work towards our common goals of incorporating faith and history.

My name is Greg Jones and I am the graduate student representative to the Conference on Faith and History.  I am a PhD candidate at Kent State University.  I can be reached at grjones83@gmail.com.

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One Comment on “What’s New for 2011?”

  1. Patrick Oden Says:

    Greg, thanks for this post. Looks very interesting. I’m definitely curious to see how everything develops and look forward to being involved.

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