Dispatches from Graduate School – Part 18

Cali Pitchel McCullough is a Ph.D student in American history at Arizona State University.  For earlier posts in this series click here. –JF [This is directly copied from John Fea’s *Way of Improvement Leads Home* blog.]

Sometimes you’ve read too many fat books in one week. Sometimes one of those books is Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.’s The Visible Hand. Sometimes you are so overwhelmed your husband buys you sunflowers. Sometimes it takes you three full days to recover from a tome on business history. Sometimes you are preparing to lecture in two upper division undergraduate courses on Tuesday. Sometimes your house is a mess. Sometimes there are Super Bowl commercials to be watched while you’re writing about the Southwest Borderlands. Sometimes you have three more fat books to read this week including The Fall of the House of Labor by David Montgomery. Sometimes life interrupts great intentions to write thoughtful blog posts.

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One Comment on “Dispatches from Graduate School – Part 18”

  1. Micah Says:

    I remember reading Chandler’s Visible Hand for my prelims. I desperately desired something more pleasurable — like using a fork to scratch my cornea.

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