What are you learning?

Allow this post to be an open invitation for submissions from CFH grad members to post thoughts/reflections/ideas that you’re learning.

Sure it’s a busy time of the semester… sure you have a million things to do… but really, how much time would it take to write up 250-500 words on something that’s tugging at your heart?

If there’s anything I’m learning from *Confessing History* it’s that I need to spend more time reflecting on my own learning. Let’s hear what you are observing.

Submit ideas or entries to grjones83@gmail.com care of the graduate student representative, Greg Jones.

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One Comment on “What are you learning?”

  1. alison Says:

    Great idea, I actually find it helps to take a bit of time to reflect and theorize what I am learning. It helps me to focus and understand the relevance of it to me.

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