TEACH: The Uncoverage Debate Continues

We CFH graduate students are, if nothing else, students. Many of us are also teaching, or aspiring to teach. With a gusto beyond that of many ordinary instructors, we want to teach well.

One of the marquee debates of our time, something that will be talked about a century after this era, is that of coverage v. uncoverage. In other words, are we here to teach CONTENT, or is it more important that we cover key ideas, thoughts, and processes? Do my students need to know the facts of Thomas Jefferson, or is it more fruitful to debate the underlying ideologies of Jefferson’s penned “Declaration” compared with his own slave holding? If I spend a day in class on the debate, what do I cut? For heaven’s sake we can’t skip the XYZ affair…… or can we?

For more on the debate, including a link to the CFH’s own board member Professor Lendol Calder’s original article, click here.

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One Comment on “TEACH: The Uncoverage Debate Continues”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think that content-driven teaching was much more valuable before the era of the instant access of information. Anyone can pull out their iphone and perform a google search of the XYZ affair. That type of information is no longer necessary to memorize.
    At the same time, the glut of information available has made the need to teach ideas, concepts, etc. all the more necessary. Students need to learn how to process, understand, and articulate the overwhelming amount of information available to them.

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