The End of Summer

Reality has set in. Summer as we know it is over. I know this because of the bittersweet reality that is football season. It is sweet because the game is back; it is bitter because the workload goes from “busy” to “impossi-busy.” *Note that word was not on the GRE*

So, some of us are returning to teaching, others to writing, and some are undoubtedly turning over a new leaf with graduate school.

Here are some pragmatic actions for this fall regarding the CFH Graduate students. They represent the answer to the “what can I do to help” question that I know you were all dying to ask.

1) Make sure that everyone in your department knows we exist. People do not have to be “Christians” to care about our organization. Don’t be shy about it. It’s a nationally-recognized professional organization. Spread the word.

2) Volunteer to write for this blog. That’s right, get published. I understand it’s not exactly the JAH, but it’s still an opportunity to get your name noticed. It is also a great way to share ideas. It’s amazing how good it can feel to just put the ideas “out there.”

3) Volunteer to contribute a book review, perhaps something you’re already writing, to this blog. Why not? See #2 for my rationale here.

4) Recruit at least one person to join this organization. They do not have to be in your own department. They do not even have to be enrolled in graduate school. If they are interested in faith and history, have them follow the blog and join our Facebook group.

5) Make a habit of contributing to this organization. In order for this group to fulfill its coolness and practicality potentials, people need to contribute. This should be more than another “newsfeed.” Goodness knows we have enough of those between H-Net and Facebook. This site and its parent organization ought to be life-giving, encouraging, supportive, and useful.

If you have suggestions for the group, would like to volunteer to help out, or just enjoy a good gab around the punch bowl, send me an email at

Happy Fall Semester. Go Steelers!

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