Opportunities to Chair a Session: CFH Gordon College in October

Grad Students… to arms! to arms!  (Or, at least, to pens!)

We’ve been volunteered (you’re welcome, I think) to serve our esteemed organization by way of offering commentary on the papers for the undergraduate conference at Gordon College in October.  The dates are October 4-6, 2012.  Check out the details of the conference here.

Some of you may be a little apprehensive about this, but we’re really looking for advanced graduate students (ABD preferred) to comment on papers within your field of specialization.  That said, we may not have a perfect match between papers being presented and commentors available.  So, let’s begin the process by getting willing volunteers to contact me (grjones83@gmail.com) and I will work with Jared Burkholder, the undergraduate conference organizer, to match things up.

If you’re wondering WHY on Earth you should volunteer your time for such an endeavor, the answer is simply because it will help your career.  Not only is it the ever-popular “vita line,” it is also and opportunity to show future employers your willingness to help in a time of need.  We, the grad students, will be lightening the load for the rest of the membership of the CFH.  Additionally, you’ll gain experience in commenting on papers.  Remember that these will be more polished than the average undergraduate “written the night before its due” papers.  Many of these are inquiring young scholars attempting to dip their toes in the academy.  We have a chance to offer them direction and encouragement in the way that many of us received at a similar critical juncture in our careers.

I truly hope many of you will volunteer.

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