Job Opportunity: Teaching Social Studies in Guatemala

*Some of the CFH grad members may be looking for work in the mission field, but still want to use skills in history.  Here is information for a social studies teaching position at the Christian Academy of Guatemala.  Feel free to share with friends and colleagues.*

This [message] will give you some general information about our school and current openings at the different levels.  We, at the Christian Academy of Guatemala, are always glad to tell others about our ministry here in Guatemala and hope, that as you read this letter we may interest you in working with us.
C. A. G. is a non-profit, non-denominational day school whose ministry is to the English speaking, missionary community of Guatemala in Central America. This school year we have a total enrollment of 223 students. While we do accept a few non-missionary families from the U. S. Embassy and local business community, our focus always has been on the M.K.  For an MK school we have a very low percentage of non- MKs, about 20%.
Due to staff members who are here on a short term basis (2 years) who are completing their assignments, and to those who are here long term (4 years or more) leaving for furloughs, we are a constantly changing entity with need for new personnel every yearBeside our core Teachers we always have need for specialist teachers, people that would like to come and aid our core teachers in the areas of Science, Math, Computer Ed, English, A.P., etc. we also have positions for non-academic instructors such as art, P.E., music, etc. We can always utilize people with secretarial and administrative skills, people with business, public relations and marketing experience; people with construction and maintenance talents; computer knowledge; counselors; and many other positions. We truly have need at all levels.
Listed below is a comprehensive list of our current openings:
Shadow Teacher with Special Education background
P.E. Teacher
English Teacher
Math Teacher
Science Teacher
Social Studies Teacher
P. E. Teacher
NILD Therapist
We always have a need for ELL teachers because, while our instruction is in English, many students first language is Spanish or Korean.
As far as some other information goes, Guatemala City has become very westernized over the past few years; therefore, in many ways it is not that different from living in some of the larger cities in the United States. The cost of living is also comparable. A recent report published by an independent research team in Switzerland lists Guatemala City between Chicago and Miami for its cost of living. For some, therefore, Guatemala may be a little more expensive while for others it may be less.
While most of our students are bilingual, all classes are taught in English, with Spanish taught at all grades and all levels. Our philosophy, however, is to try to create an atmosphere for our children that will allow moving and/or graduating students to make as smooth a transition as possible when returning to the U. S. A. or Canada to study. To help accomplish this goal, we have maintained our school year on the U. S. schedule with classes starting in August and ending in May.
Our ideal profile for a new teacher is someone with a teaching certificate, and some actual classroom experience. We do, however, occasionally accept teachers who are not certified and/or have not had formal classroom teaching experience. Although all our staff comes supported by a network of financial partners from their supporting churches in the states, we have also found it helpful for incoming staff to come through a recognized mission board (although not necessary), we do presently have several staff members who have chosen to be sent out by their local churches (Independent). It is our desire to work with each staff member and each situation on an individual basis, and we will do as much as we can to help each one feel a part of the “family” at C.A.G.
Those who work with missionaries’ children (MKs) fill some of the most vital roles in missions today. Their effectiveness often determines the success or failure of a missionary family. It is well known that a high percentage of the children of missionaries return to the mission field as their life work. With a complete ease in the culture and total mastery of the language, they are equipped with great advantages in missionary service. With the benefit of a strong and well-balanced education from dedicated teachers, their effectiveness is even greater.
I am available to you to answer any questions whatsoever you may have about our school and Guatemala. You can also find additional information, obtain an application and view our video on our website.
Please, allow me to encourage you to pray about becoming involved with our school. Together we can make the difference in the lives of our children, and the future of Guatemala! I look forward to hearing more from you.
Sincerely in Christ,
Jennie Burleson de Velasquez
Christian Academy of Guatemala
Section 4347/GUA
7801 N.W. 37th St.                                                                                                                 
Miami, Fl 33166-6559
011-502-2245-9090 – international telephone
011-502-2245-9000 – international FAX
Note:  Even though CAG does not offer a salary to our Faculty staff we do offer a monthly stipend of $150.00 to our full time faculty/staff.  Our full time teacher’s (staff) children receive tuition scholarship.
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