Have you plugged the CFH lately?

Yesterday in a class full of history majors, some aspiring to graduate school, I was sure to mention our organization.  Have you done that lately?

The integration of faith and history, our central mission here, is important not just in the way we see history, but in the way we teach and write as well.  So please share that perspective with others around you.

As we embark on another school year, I’d like to make a few announcements:

1) The CFH biannual meeting is at Gordon College in October.  If you have even an inkling of attending, please let me know (grjones83@gmail.com) so we can set up a gathering.

2) We’re really hoping to increase our academic content on the blog.  Do you have an essay you’re considering?  Would you like to review a book and need an avenue for its publication?  We’ve encountered some resistance regarding publishing as a blogger, but we’d point to Dr. John Fea and fellow graduate student member Lincoln Mullen as examples of very successful blog publication.

3) Please send me resources (again grjones83@gmail.com).  Send links to articles, call for paper announcements, or even the pot luck at your grandma’s church.  You know grad students love free food!  Seriously this is only a “networking opportunity” if we actually talk to each other.

4) Feel free to contact me about any concerns you may have.  Are you getting your Fides as a part of membership?  Is there something you believe the organization should/could be doing but is not?  I am the representative for graduate students at the board meetings and have a voice for our concerns.

5) In the past I’ve made a point to encourage participation, to little response.  If you have ideas for engaging one another, beyond reading this blog and checking the Facebook page, please let me know.  I know we’re busy… so let’s find a way to make this not be just part of the busy-ness, but an actual blessing to our work and our lives.

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