Job Hunt… and Trust

CFH member and OK State grad student Mary Sanders sent over this article from the Chronicle.

It highlights a rather tragic story about colleagues competing in the same job market.  This is a sensitive subject for some of us… especially if we end up competing in a similar CCCU job market.

So… hoping to conjure some good discussion here:

How does this change with us being fellow Christians?

What is a “right spirit” in this situation?

How are you, or how have you navigated the job market when it comes to colleagues, friends, and brothers/sisters in Christ?

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One Comment on “Job Hunt… and Trust”

  1. wtomas Says:

    I really think that openness is the best policy when it comes to this. I’ve been in competition with good friends for several jobs, and most of the time I think it comes down to the fit with the school, not who is the “better candidate.” History is a relatively small world, and good relationships matter as much as job market strategy. Plus, there’s an insidious the-job-is-everything attitude that is all too easy to pick up in articles like this or at the jobs wiki. (That said, I don’t think sharing cover letters and that sort of thing is a good idea.)

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