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Signing On: Mary Sanders Says “Hello!”

October 7, 2013

Hi everyone!  I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get on the blog to introduce myself–I’ve just finished my written PhD qualifying exams, and I have some semblance of my life back now!

I am truly honored to have taken over the reigns as CFH Graduate Student Representative from Greg Jones this fall.  I’ve been involved with CFH since my undergraduate alma mater (Oklahoma Baptist University) hosted the biennial conference back in 2006, and I have found it to be an hospitable and nurturing organization.  I’ve come to look forward to the conferences and the breakfasts and panels at the AHA as a time to be professionally challenged and refreshed.

A bit more about me, by way of introduction: I have a BA in history (minor in theatre) from Oklahoma Baptist University, and an MA in history from the University of Connecticut.  I just started my fourth year in the PhD program at Oklahoma State University, and just finished the written part of my PhD exams in three fields: U.S. General, Modern U.S. Religion, and Modern Europe.  My dissertation looks at how the National Association of Evangelicals and the National Council of Churches responded to late-twentieth century terrorism.  I’m a teaching assistant for our U.S. Survey classes at OSU, and I adjuct at OBU as well.

Several people have already contacted me via email ( with questions about CFH–please, keep them coming! I look forward to working with all of you.  Perhaps we can plan an informal CFH Grad Student get-together for any of us who will be at the AHA in January?



Attending the American Historical Association

December 5, 2011

The AHA Meeting in Chicago, January 5-8, 2012 is registering.  Check it out.

If enough of “us” are going, it would be great to get together.  Maybe for a deepdish pizza?  (That’s what we do in Chicago, right?)

Leave comments.  Tell friends.  Let’s do this!

125th AHA in Boston Jan. 6-9, 2011

December 16, 2010

The Conference on Faith and History will hold a breakfast and a panel discussion at the 125th Annual American Historical Association Conference in Boston, Massachusetts on January 6-9, 2011.

Please check the organization website for details.  Graduate students make special note to contact if you plan to attend.  We can try to get together, if even just to commiserate and possibly plan how we might continue to improve our organization.

CFH in Perspective on History

March 22, 2010

CFH president Rick Kennedy wrote about the CFH for the March 2010 Perspectives on History, the newsmagazine of the AHA.

The article is entitled “Conference on Faith and History” and you can view it here.

AHA Recap

January 25, 2010

Happy new year, everyone!

It was good to see some of you at the AHA. And welcome to those of you who are new to the blog!

CFH hosted a great panel with members discussing their medieval history books. I’m an Americanist, but try to always attend a panel outside my area (so as not to get too stuck in my own box). I found it very fascinating.

That evening, Point Loma Nazarene University (where CFH president Rick Kennedy professes), hosted a lovely reception for CFHers. The history building overlooks the ocean and we were there in time for the sunset.

Make plans to join us in Boston in 2011!

We’ve got more exciting things coming on the blog this semester, stay tuned!

CFH at the AHA

December 14, 2009


It’s coming up quickly! CFH will present a coffee-donut hour and plenary session at the AHA  in San Diego on Saturday morning. Beth Allison Barr (Baylor University), Caitlin Corning (George Fox University), Melissa Harkrider (Wheaton College), and Kurt Werthmuller (Azusa Pacific University) will present a session titled: “Community, Identity, and the Vocation of Laity in Medieval and Early Modern Christianity.”  Dwight Brautigam (Huntington University) will chair the session.

We have more social events planned so if you are interested please contact Lauran.

AHA Dissertation Advice

February 2, 2009

The American Historical Association posted an aricle in 2006 giving “Practical Advice for Writing Your Dissertation, Book, or Article.”

Here are the basic points:

1. Set up a writing schedule.

2. Create a dedicated workspace.

3. Write daily in a dissertation journal.

4. Distill your argument into a single sentence.

5. Visualize your ideas.

6. Fuel your mind with exercise, nutrition, hydration, and sleep.

7. Cultivate community.

8. Rewrite.
It’s no magic formula, but with these points in place, it’s easy to move forward.