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Dr. Fea’s Virtual Office Hours – Historical Blogging

April 29, 2013

Many of you undoubtedly already follow Dr. John Fea’s blog at the Messiah College History Department.  His latest “virtual office hours” ask some FAQs about his blog, including the one I really wanted to know about how he manages his time with it.  I found his answer to be quite interesting.  The other questions are intriguing as well.  Give him a listen:


On America’s Christian Heritage

September 19, 2011

Check out Paul Harvey’s review of John Fea’s book *Was America Founded as a Christian Nation*. If you don’t know, now ya know.

Featured Book Series: Fea’s *Was America Founded as a Christian Nation*

March 9, 2011

The Conference on Faith and History’s own John Fea (Messiah College) recently released a book on the founding of the United States.

The publishing description from Westminster John Knox Press: “Fea offers an even-handed primer on whether America was founded to be a Christian nation, as many evangelicals assert, or a secular state, as others contend. He approaches the title’s question from a historical perspective, helping readers see past the emotional rhetoric of today to the recorded facts of our past. Readers on both sides of the issues will appreciate that this book occupies a middle ground, noting the good points and the less-nuanced arguments of both sides and leading us always back to the primary sources that our shared American history comprises.”

If anyone is interested in writing a commentary on the book for this blog, please let me know at

To follow Professor Fea and his comments about this book, links, and cultural commentaries, visit his blog.

Featured Book Series: *Confessing History* Fea, Green, and Miller

February 1, 2011

Readers of the CFH Grad Blog will be interested to know about the recent release of *Confessing History: Explorations in Christian Faith and the Historian’s Vocation* by three CFH former board members, John Fea (Messiah College), Jay Green (Covenant College), and Eric Miller (Geneva College).

Confessing History: Explorations in Christian Faith and the Historian's Vocation

The book is a collection of essays by several CFH members, addressing the issues at the heart of our organization.  According to the book’s preface, “Written from several different theological and professional points of view, the essays contained in this book constitute a free-ranging conversation about the vocation of the historian and its place in both the personal lives of Christian disciples and Christ’s Kingdom at large.” (p. xi)

The book has a direct link to the mission and purpose of the CFH, to help Christians who are historians pursue their calling.

New Link: The Way of Improvement Leads Home

January 10, 2011

Please check out the new link on the right hand side of our blog “The Way of Improvement Leads Home.”  This award-winning blog, hosted by the CFH’s own John Fea (Messiah College) discusses many of the concerns of CFH members regarding history and politics.

“The Way of Improvement Leads Home” features a series of “dispatches from graduate school” written by Cali Pitchel McCullough, a PhD student at Arizona State University.  Cali’s reflections can be found at

Be sure to comment on Cali’s posts and get involved as we, grad students, share this journey together.